Café Esencia + Siren & Wine 's Full Moon Series commence with the end… of 2018’s full moons. We celebrated the longest night of the year, coinciding with the Winter Solstice on December 22nd.

NYC is a mercurial city; it is in a seemingly contradicting state of constant expansion, and contraction. What makes our city unique are the people and communities that constantly keep busy, ebbing and flowing in constant motion. Within this chaos, the dinner series is designed as an offer of respite, an opportunity to make meaningful connections.



Our host and event curator, Serena Maris, guides the evening with questions and prompts leading towards conversations of self-discovery. Her partner, Perry Irish of Siren & Wine constructs objects for the evening with found materials.


Restaurateur Andres Castello prepares thoughtful and nourishing foods for the evening.  Sourcing local produce, using fair-trade and organic spices, prepared for the range of diets and preferences typical of New Yorkers.


The team draws on traditions and customs new and old, finding way to celebrate the full moon and seize this opportunity. By taking time to recollect and reflect, they offer these tools that are an essential part of the process of moving forward with intent purpose.